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Below are examples of texts containing my work.

  • Depression and the Self
  • Rethinking Creative Writing
  • Researching Creative Writing
  • Teaching Creative Writing
  • How to Teach Everything
  • How to Assess your Students
  • Teaching Creative Writing
    “one of its most useful aspects is its ‘Thematic Index’ which allows readers to identify exercises that cater for a particular need (‘Confidence Building and Ice Breakers’, ‘Developing Writing Practice’), a particular genre (‘Flash Fiction’, ‘Food Writing’, ‘Song Writing’), a particular skill (‘Editing and Redrafting’, ‘Creating Structure in Short Stories’), or a particular student level (‘New Students’, ‘All Stages’, ‘Confident Writers’). This index also allows readers to quickly identify exercises of a particular time-duration, with activities ranging from less than an hour to several weeks. As I used this index to locate exercises that I might find useful in my own classes – especially those classes that did not work out as well as I’d hoped – what struck me most was just how much we ask of our students.” Full Review
  • Karen Haynes, Director, Frontinus
    “Christina is our first-choice indexer because she is always thoughtful, thorough, and responsive – taking care to clarify expectations and communicate effectively”